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£600,000 through PEC Renewables' first share offer

Funding for your community energy enterprise

From feasibility grants and community share offers to commercial investment, CfR can help raise the funds required to make your local energy project happen.

CfR have a track record of getting community renewable energy projects, large and small, off the ground and can guide you through a range of fundraising strategies to find the best approach for you.

Our in-house team includes highly experienced finance and legal professionals.

Funding sources and how we can help

Feasibility grants

CfR can provide proposals and quotes to help with applications to the Urban and Rural Community Energy Funds , which can help cover organisation set up, site searching and detailed site specific feasibility work, business planning and legal costs. Where CfR is selected as the preferred advisor we are happy to review your application and support the process. Having supported a range of projects under these grants we have a good understanding of the funders’ requirements and designing a programme which achieves the best possible progress with the funding available.

CfR can also support applications to other grant funds where available.

Community share offers

CfR can provide commercial advice, director mentoring and project management support to help your community energy share offer. See our services below.

Commercial finance

For larger projects or to meet tight delivery timeframes it may not be possible to raise all the funding required through a community share offer. Alternative or supplementary commercial funding sources that may be appropriate include:

  • Construction bridge loan finance
  • Community share offer under-writing
  • Bank loan finance
  • Alternative loan finance
  • Commercial equity investment

CfR can help develop a finance strategy appropriate for your enterprise and support the fund-raising process. Please contact us for further details.

CfR development funds

CfR has development funds that enable us to provide contingent services (including covering 3rd party costs) on projects that meet our investment criteria. CfR’s investment is recovered through contingent fees paid on completion of a successful fund raising. Please contact us for further details.

CfR’s community share offer services include:
  • Director mentoring and strategic advice
  • Procurement and management of legal and financial advisors
  • Marketing strategy and delivery support
  • Business planning and financial modeling
  • Provision of template documentation
  • Share offer document drafting
  • Compliance and best practice
  • Set up share offer and ongoing administration arrangements
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CfR’s experience 

  • Helped raise over £300,000 of grant funding for community energy enterprises to support feasibility and business development work and overheads costs
  • Raised £450,000 of ‘risk’ development funding through CfR’s own SEIS share offer (which pioneered the use of SEIS/EIS eligible preferred ordinary shares) and a seed investment loan from Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
  • Provided commercial support to help PEC Renewables raise over £2.5million through two separate community share offers and loan finance from Plymouth City Council
  • Currently raising finance for community energy projects with a combined value of over £20million
  • Developed financing strategies and business plans for community energy projects ranging from portfolios of building integrated technologies to large-scale wind and solar projects